This course provides the tools necessary to drop beliefs and systems that don't allow space to receive the wealth that each human is destined to receive.


Your Belief System


Are you ready to attract wealth, health, love, and balance?

You’ve probably heard money gurus say that investing in your 20’s will lead you to retire from your 9-5 job and be financially abundant within old age.

Now, as promising as that sounds, what if I were to tell you, you don’t have to wait until you're older to receive the financial wealth and freedom you deserve?

You deserve to prosper in this lifetime and why wait for years to come for you to finally enjoy life at its fullest!


In questo corso imparerai

This online course covers many basics to understanding the abundance within all of us and how to enhance it through wellness. We will guide you step by step, to living a more creative and conscious lifestyle with becoming a Money Magnet.

Informazioni sull'istruttore:

Vanessa Massera

Vanessa Massera sta definendo un nuovo standard su come investire, guadagnare denaro e creare ricchezza. Il suo impegno per l'educazione finanziaria sta cambiando il modo in cui le aziende e gli individui gestiscono la propria ricchezza e i propri investimenti. In qualità di imprenditrice della sua stessa azienda e di Tolerant Planet LTD, è specializzata in informazioni sugli investimenti relativi all'istruzione e alla tecnologia.

"Thanks, Vanessa! I learned a lot :) I told my friends about your courses, and they will enroll too."

Bella B.


"Vanessa was amazing! I have zero background in investing, but her courses were so easy to understand. Even a 5-year-old can understand it. Once this pandemic ends, and the stock market gets better, I'm excited to apply new knowledge to the real test. I highly recommended it! Thank you!"

Kaitlyn M.