This course includes a guide on healing energies and energy work. Together, we can become balanced and peaceful within and be our higher self.  


La tua energia


Learn how to heal yourself and others!

Il processo per renderti sano, integro o sano; contiene il ripristino della salute di tutto il tuo essere. I nostri corpi sono dotati di straordinarie capacità di guarire noi stessi. Siamo energia e possiamo eseguire la guarigione su noi stessi e sugli altri. Questo corso ha una bella prospettiva e guida alle energie curative e al lavoro energetico. Include una guida a tutte le modalità di guarigione, che spiega i modi abbondanti in cui puoi curarti e creare benessere.

Your beliefs set the stage for healing. The magic of intuition is that it insists you live in the moment with no expectations, a continuing freshness. Intuition is our birthright, available to everyone. As you develop the habit of remembering dreams, you’ll be able to benefit from this form of healing


In questo corso imparerai

  • Energia
  • Healing Energies
  • Healing Modalities

Informazioni sull'istruttore:

Stacey Davis

Specializing in bio energy healing, chakra healing and reiki healing, Stacey Davis is a healer who has achieved incredible results with her clients. Her remarkable breakthroughs have been witnessed by many different clients of all cultures. Her passion for healing stems from her degree in nutrition and naturopath sciences.

"I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a way to heal and find more creativity. I feel blessed and grateful for this course and what it has done to change my life."

Walter M.


"I took Healing and Creativity and I loved it. The course included a guided meditation and so many exercises in order to learn about and work with healing energies and energy work. All of the information was useful, approachable, and easy to understand. It's been great to use these skills during my day-to-day life."

Daniel J.